Our mission is to build a community where parents and children CONNECT in nature. The connection between them is crucial in early development. Children and parents connect with their innate wisdom while learning in a joyful, magical and natural world. We, as parents and teachers, become the facilitators and coaches for our young children.




Our children´s happiness is our goal and at Wise Hearts we contribute to the development of skills, abilities, attitudes and knowledge of the child by promoting their personal, emotional, social, physical, and intellectual spheres in a loving atmosphere. We respect the child´s unique development.


The natural world is our true home, an infinitely rich atmosphere where children can create imaginary worlds and explore their own interests. We also nurture total respect for every living creature and how to care for our environment.


Wise Hearts’ environment fosters a deep relationship between parent and child and a deep relationship with nature. This relationship helps families better integrate their child’s personal needs, interests and emotions into their social environment.